every day is okay - some lost/notlost recordings according to embryo 1973 throughout to 1979

there is a lot of confusion about these recordings, and i will add to the confusion rather than to solve it. in 1980 the italian label materiali sonori released an album of rare and/or unreleased tracks by german kraut pioneers embryo. the vinyl-album anthology included music that was recorded between 1973 and 1979 featuring up to this point in time unearthed and unheard embryo music featuring of course christian burchard, edgar hofmann, uve müllrich and roman bunka adding charlie mariano, michael wehmeyer, remigius drexler, butze fischer, dave king (amon düül 2), dieter miekautsch, maria archer, hansi fischer (xhol), ralph fischer, alfred jones and burckard schmiedl. in 1992 materiali sonori re-released this album as every day is okay with a slightly different order of tracks, omitting some sounds and adding some sounds for reasons that are only known to the editors. so there are two different versions with two different names of the almost mostly the same album and most people have never heard or seen either of them. now at least you can listen to the cd-version of this collection, the vinyl-version will be added when my record player is back in line.
the cd-version of every day is okay (which, as you have learned, is the cd-version of the vinyl-version anthology) has obviously been mastered from a worn out vinyl copy. i tried my best to erase the crackles and pops you must be able to stand while listening to the original cd-version (which of course is a rather cracklingister version of the vinyl-version) of these recordings. so so so the 320-kbps-mp3-version of these recordings sounds a lot lot better than the cd or a worn out copy of the original vinyl-version. at leat, i guess you got the picture....
(mp3 / 320 kbps / all scans included)

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