the 1980s. 3rd kind rock. 1979 bremen nacht postpunkpsych.

and this is one off the prototypes of northwestgerman postpunk psychedeliria, the underground velvet and soft community that sold the whole world and later-on deepincarnated in bands like the 39 clocks, kastrierte philosophen or the pink hyenas; a music that overrode lemmyafiverpunk in the greater area of hannover, bremen and hamburg. this is heartcore, not hardcore.
the 1980s in bremen were one of the first bands to merge diy-punk with their own his/herstory of rarely heard music. their drummer jürgen 'knox' schierholz was later found drumming for egoN and A5, the singer and guitar player jet as well as their bass player j. pop had a 15second moment of fame with the zeroes in 1984; jet had some cameo appearances in the late nineties with some rather obscure bands, knox and pop diappeared, as far as i can see. but never mind nevermind: their 'japan girl' was a high influential track for all of the northwestgerman postpopsychotics in the early eighties: as this was one of the first independent releases in bremen it was the antetype for a lot of obscure sounds that for a very short time saw the lights of day-glo: the song was recorded as 'deutsche girls' by liquidepur (i will try to find that one for you; in the mean mean time listen to one of their other tracks and imagine what they coul have done to japan girl) and even the tübingen postmetapunk band autofick.

(mp3 / 320 kbps / direct download / scans included)

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