mama dada 1919: slits, quick. a crackling seven inch released in the usa in 1979: free european sounds beyond old school industrial and british art school: lovely.

unfortunately there is not much information about mama dada 1919 (or md19) to be found on the worldwidenet. i bought this record in 1980 and loved it instantly and played it all over until it was worn out as you can hear lateron. the good people at wfmu seem to know that this noise unit was gathered around one bradford braden, but except for some additional tracks found on the cassette version of the record and some intangible mentions of some further releases they seem to be poking around in the dark holes as well. 
but never mind: the music is great: md19 were completely aware of the nonpop tracksntraces of henry cow, they loved lol coxhill and they had even listened to the first album by nurse with wound. they soothe the primeval old school industrial noise to educe something completely different using a completely different system of signs.

this is what you get:

01 - ripped glass
02 - slonaco
03 - l'esprit tortu
04 - improv #19
05 - no more masterpieces
06 - reprise

all sounds were produced in baltimore, usa, in 1979.

(mp3 / scans included / direct download)

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