the baader pop gruppe 1982: zappenblitz, raffenfleisch, vom sarg! the vote of the dutch jury is TEN for suicide!

stammheim the stuttgart zappenblitz: "simultaneous suicides hahahahaha!" as the fall stated it in 1978: and in holland nobody can believe this crap until today: deutsche sind immer und zu allem fähig!
"schwarzer september, dein passive erlebniswelt, dein unpersönlichkeit, ein attribut des todes, konsum ist kein zwang mehr": the dutch baaderpopgruppe liebt es zu töten und they do auch viele dank: in 1982 they recorded this little tribute to the german language and the german deathsmen that could never could lie and preorgiastiated the disstribe and the dissroot of the german lied and lies. we all die much too complicated!
three tracks of the noise of the neue musik of the weltinnenraumgeräusch of the baader pop group: der zappenblitz (as stated before), das raffenfleisch (r.a.f.and/endfleisch) und vom sarg, recorded on the 28th of january 1982 in hulst. as this record changes hands for the ridicilous price of 25 euro: i thought you might like to load it down for free: and in the end they will never get you.

(mp3, 320 kbps, scans included, direct download)

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