albrecht/d. no fun but bullshit live in stuttgart 2001

in the afternoon of the 11th of august 2001 a gathering of postfluxus improvisers happened down in the cellars of the stereo-bar in stuttgart: la matinée bleue was filled with noise by the likes of D:U:R, fognin (in absentia), die böde (some days before they changed their name to sturclub) and of course one albrecht/d. who as the elder gentleman he was had met and/or played some music with most of us throughout the preceding twenty years. the music was loud and harsh and a lot of fun: some sounds recorded directly from the mixing desk survived, most sounds vanished in the haze or were completely destroyed by digital distortions.
and so it goes with the performance of nofun/butbullshit: albrecht/d. enlightened the audience for about 25 minutes with a very hermetic sonic inwardness: a cheap saxophone bent over an amateurishingly built-it-himself drum kit accompanied by a signalling whistle played by a completely unprepared randomized member of the audience. for some technical reasons i did not understand the seamless performance was divided into 19 short mp3-files and was copied on very cheap cdrs while the original recording got lost in the process of growing old. so what we have here is a restored version of the 16 minutes that survived without any or only slight distortion in the order the music was played. but you would never tell.

3 Kommentare:

  1. eine tolle Arbeit hast du da geleistet!
    Ich weiss wie "zerackt" die originale CD war.
    Eigentlich eine schöne fluxus Performanz von a/d.

  2. Can you fix the download link, please? Thanks.

    1. no fun but bullshit by albrecht/d. is available again. have fun...