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KLÄNG! was conceived in 1999 as an ongoing series of cd-compilations that met reality in 2000 and 2001 and ceased to exist in 2002. as the concept of KLÄNG! had been communicated and therefore was known all about the 'internet' a lot of artists that wanted to contribute to these compilations came late too late oh so late...
mathias anderson was one of the artists whose contribution for some reasons came too late to be featured on the compact discs. i stuffed his music way back deep into the black holes of my collection (this and with and to i did to and with a great number of great artists whose work i will revise and revive within the next 200 years) and only found it out and about this afternoon. unfortunately i can offer no additional information: 'some endless unrest' can not be found in his half-official discography on discogs and his homepage has vanished into the air two three.

so here is a rare chance to hear hollydrift as they (or better: he) hoped you would do in 2001: one track mind: download or die!

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