die like a dog: peter brötzmann, hamid drake and william parker live in austin 2003

ah! come on! for two (!) years (!!) now (!!!) nobody noticed that these recordings had been unavailable on spurensicherung next door due to the crash of 'megaupload': two years! and nobody wanted to brötz a rare brötzmann recording since then. but any way, here we go again in an other blog:

this is an audience minidisc recording that has been circulating amongst heartcore collectors for quite some time now. two cd-r, no cover art, no tracklist, but 110 minutes of sheer and pure energy.

recorded live in austin texas 2003-05-10 you can hear peter brötzmann (reeds), hamid drake (drums) and william parker (bass). do i really need to say more? (on the next day by the way frank rubolino saw them in houston.)

download brötzmann drake parker
(mp3 / 256 kbps / 207 mb)

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