claudia-maria haid / mezzosopran / demo-cd

and the stuttgart spurensicherung the securing of evidences goes on and on and on as abstrusely as you like it here and next door: claudia-maria haid used to live in my neighbournehood in stuttgart, and when she had to move from here for one reason or an other she left some chairs, some cardboard boxes, some trash bins and some more trash here/there as bulky waste: 
and one morning on my way to work i found this/here cd in this cluster of trash; obviously a demonstration recording heading forthwowardsto and heading forthwowardsto deutsche grammophon: maybe there are hundreds of copies of these demo-recordings, maybe this is the only one that survived the removal. anyway, it is not as enthralling as you might expect: a stuttgart german mezzosopranee (?) heading forthwowardsto deutschee grammophone and but anyway:
01 - vivaldi
02 - webber
03 - pergolesi
04 - händel

ouffpjuhh: the order of these tracks seems to be completely messed up and i am not your jack of fumbling it out: webber seems to be track 4, the rest is yours to listen to and find out: spurensicherung heisst verschleierung und verleumdung:
download for good and don't care anyway

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