crowdkrautfunding money and support for the kolping house in cologne in 1966: the beats and a girl like you!

when in 1966 the kolping house in cologne urgently was in need of a reparation: the bishopric decided to walk an unknown line or laine or lane and to crowfkrautfund the money that they needed: acid was and as circumstances were they decided to hire a 'beat'-band toy let every body seeam they weare completeley modern and whowhat could be more apposite than a beat-band called the beats?
and the beats were great and gorgeous: they really did not have the slightiest idea what they were singing about when they were trying to cover a song that was of course well known as a toptenhit by the troggs. but they did it any way: i won't to spend my life wish a girl like you: you don't want me to sleep: hands are dating in a cold event: viel vergnügen mit den beats! (und ist das girl nicht wunderwunderschön?)
here we go:

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